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The Building of Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics
The Building of Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics
Cybernetics Faculty of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv was founded on May 6, 1969. Academician of NAS of Ukraine V.M. Glushkov and dean of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Professor I.I. Liashko were its founders. Almost at once after the establishment, Faculty of Cybernetics became a major center of training specialists in the area of applied mathematics and informatics in the Soviet Union.
For today Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics is the one of the biggest faculties in the University, which provides training of the bachelors, masters and doctoral students.
Specialities of Bachelor's degree:
  • 6.040301 — Applied mathematics;
  • 6.040302 — Informatics;
  • 6.040303 — System Analysis;
  • 6.050103 — Software Engineering;
Specialities of Master's degree:
  • 8.04030101 — Applied mathematics;
  • 8.04030201 — Informatics;
  • 8.04030203 — Social Informatics;
  • 8.04030302 — Systems and Methods for Decision Making;
  • 8.05010301 — Software of Systems.
Specialities of Doctoral degree:
  • 01.05.01 — Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science and Cybernetics,
  • 01.05.02 — Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods,
  • 01.05.03 — Mathematical and Software of Computers and Systems,
  • 01.05.04 — System Analysis and Theory of Optimal Decisions,
  • 08.00.11 — Mathematical Methods, Models and Information Technologies in Economics.
Students Organizations: