Sergiy I. Lyashko

Head of the Department of Computational Mathematics
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science
Academic rank:
Professor, Correspondent-member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
№ 216
Research interests:
informatics, system simulation and optimization.


  1. S.I. Lyashko, V.V. Semenov, Т.А. Voitova Low-cost modification of Korpelevich's methods for monotone equilibrium problems. // Journal: «Cybernetics and Systems Analysis», – 2011. – Vol. 47, Num. 4. – pp. 631-639.
  2. S.I. Lyashko, D.A. Klyushin, D.A. Nomirovskii, Yu.I. Petunin, V.V. Semenov Generalized Solutions of Operator Equations and Extreme Elements. // Springer, – 2011. – 216 p.
  3. S.I. Lyashko, D.A. Klyushin, V.V. Pavlychko Model-Based Analysis of Biological Tissue Heating by Point Ultrasound Sources. // Journal of Automation and Information Sciences, – 2010, vol. 42, Issue 2, – pp. 44-50.
  4. S.I. Lyashko, V.V. Semenov, D.A. Klyushin, D.A. Nomirovskii Identification of age-structured contamination sources in ground water. // Optimal Control of Age-Structured Populations in Economy, Demography, and the Environment (eds. R. Boucekkinie, N. Hritonenko & Y. Yatsenko). Routledge, UK, 2010, pp. 277-292.
  5. S.I. Lyashko, V.V. Kozoriz, R.L. Tkachenko, L.V. Grigoryeva Maple-exploring of superconductive levitation in circle-dipole system (MPW in dipole due to circle). // Журнал обчислювальної та прикладної математики. – 2007, – № 1 (94), – с. 48-54.


  • Selected issues of optimization
  • Numerical methods of optimization of linear systems with distributed parameters
  • Theory of optimization in functional spaces
  • Analysis of systems with distributed parameters

Academic awards:

  • Medal and Prize of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for Young Scientists, 1980
  • V.M. Glushkov Prize of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2001
  • Commendation of Supreme Council of Ukraine "For Merit to the Ukrainian Nation", 2009
  • State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, 2009